Create local solutions to end extreme poverty.


To empower women and promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth in remote, rural areas.


Grass-Root Business

Tackling extreme poverty is more than addressing lack of financial resources, it’s about creating an environment that enables and supports grass-root businesses in low-income rural communities through social entrepreneurship.


Creating local micro-business opportunities for women in rural areas stimulate the local economies and enable families to escape poverty.  Moreover, training and equipping these women with entrepreneurial tools empowers mothers to sustain themselves financially and provide for their family & local community.



Our Eggpreneur Model connects with local and global partners to access new research and development and ultimately transfer this knowledge and expertise to the rural low-income communities. 



Promote global food security by educating the Eggpreneurs on proper poultry management, financial literacy, egg handling and record keeping.  Sanitation and proper cleaning techniques will also be demonstrated to ultimately create healthy habits that can be replicated among the Eggpreneurs. 

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