In 2015, Eggpreneur was inspired out of the personal and professional journey of its creator, Matt.  Although the project has evolved over the year, the process has been guided by the principle of social innovation and driven by social entrepreneurship.

 Our Innovation revolves around three unique ownership:

  1. Ownership of Priorities - Ensure a broad set of local stakeholders shape the project agenda.
  2. Ownership of Implementation - Promote and enhance the capacity of the local community to implement and sustain their projects
  3. Ownership of Resources - Promote local community and women to co-finance their own project.


We don’t believe in giving handouts.  Rather we designed local solutions that promote self-reliance and business ownership.  We believe social entrepreneurship is the most effective way to establish economic prosperity in these remote rural areas.  The Eggpreneur model prides itself with a sustainable approach of renewed sources of protein (eggs), as well as weekly profits that can be returned back into the local communities to enroll more Eggpreneurs.

Impact in Numbers


Women Eggpreneurs by 2017


Children FED eggs Per Day


Total Jobs created


Access to fresh eggs