The Eggpreneur Model 

  •         Identify Potential Eggpreneurs

Identify the mothers and grandmothers from the local women groups in rural communities who have children/grandchildren under the age of 12.

  •         Skills

Train Eggpreneurs about egg production, help them develop financial skills, provide inclusive technical support for poultry farming and encourage them to be “entrepreneurial”.  Eggpreneurs will be provided with chicken coops and start-up pullets (ready-to-lay-hens) so women can build their own business at home.

  •         Grow

Support Eggpreneurs to grow their micro-egg production into a successful and sustainable venture.  Opportunities will be available to those that want to scale up their micro-egg production to middle-level farms.

How It Works

Using the Eggpreneur Model, we empower women of young children in rural areas to be Eggpreneurs.  Potential candidates are selected through community information sessions, women groups and community based organizations. New Eggpreneurs are connected to our central training and production facility where they receive training in backyard egg production techniques, family nutrition and financial literacy.  Eggpreneurs are provided with their own chicken coops, pullet supply, feed and most importantly guaranteed sales of their eggs.  A portion of the eggs produced are consumed by the family members of the Eggpreneur. The remaining eggs are purchased and collected by Eggpreneur staff and sold in the market.

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