Lots of exciting changes have been happening at Eggpreneur.  

  • We received new chicks in early summer and they are growing into pullets (ready-to-lay hens).  The Women Eggpreneur's will be receiving these new pullets to replace their older hens.  The older hens will then be sold at the market.  The women have developed many agricultural skills over the past 18 months and many women are interested in expanding their flocks with these new pullets.  
  • The much anticipated rains came in the spring and now the crops are being harvested.  We are so thankful for the end of the drought which was causing a great deal of suffering and even death. 
  • We have been contacted by members of a neighbouring community who were inspired by the work and impact of Eggpreneur and are requesting expansion into their community.
  • Finally, We are continuing to look for donations for a bore hole so that we do not have to purchase water in the driest periods of the year.  
The new chicks

The new chicks