Knowledge Exchange

Exchanging knowledge is an important part of Eggpreneur’s mission.  When we train women to care for chickens, we are transferring knowledge about poultry management to empower women to change their lives.  The women also learn about money management and investment.   In return, the women will share their needs and suggest new ideas to make the initiative more effective.  As we grow and learn together, the Eggpreneur program continues to meet the unique needs of the poor.

Knowledge exchange can flow in many different directions.  I was recently in Canada where I was privileged to share the Eggpreneur story with elementary school students in several different schools.  The students were insightful and passionate about Eggpreneur and learned how Canadians can influence the world and also learn from other cultures and countries. 

Enjoying some knowledge exchange in the classroom

Enjoying some knowledge exchange in the classroom

Bore Hole Project

As Eggpreneur expands, we have heard from the women that obtaining water is a difficult and limiting factor in their ability to care for their chickens.  Many women are having to carry 20L of water 5 times per day; Each trip is a 3km journey.  Eggpreneur would like to drill a bore hole in order to provide easier access to water for both the Eggpreneur women and the rest of the rural community in which they live.  The bore hole would significantly reduce the amount of walking to less than 1 km for a round trip to obtain water.  We can only imagine the joy and happiness in these women’s lives when we can share this news with them. 

Our budget for this bore hole is $25,000 which also includes a solar panel to operate a submersible pump that can bring water up from 500ft underground to an above ground storage tank.

Image of a bore hole similar to the one we hope to develop for the Machakos Area

Image of a bore hole similar to the one we hope to develop for the Machakos Area

Feed Mill

We would also like to develop a manual feed mill.  Accessing quality feed in Kenya is very difficult, despite plenty of raw materials.  We can significantly reduce our cost of production and increase margins for the Eggpreneur program by combining our own feed rations.  Furthermore, if we control our feed supply, we can ensure that quality feed is produced that contains enough protein to develop healthy pullets and to maximize egg production. 

Our budget for the feed mill is $47,000 and this also includes a small building to secure the equipment and the feed that has been mixed and is ready to be distributed to the women.

We are eager to continue developing Eggpreneur through these two projects and it should also be noted that all equipment and labour for these 2 projects will be sourced locally.   

Would you consider donating towards the development of these projects?

Eggpreneur is supported through Lakeside Hope House, a Canadian charitable organization. You can give through a Cheque or Online

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