Everybody at Eggpreneur farm had been eagerly waiting for the second born babies. The preparation of the brooding house had been done, now with experience and good care as learned from the first chicks. The preparation had some wood shavings and newspapers to ensure there was enough ventilation and warm brooding rings. 

Every brooder ring was surrounded by bales of grass and wood shavings to prevent cold from penetrating into the rings. Jumping from 2000 chicks to 4500 chicks was like doubling the number of births from the first round. All the chicks arrived safely, they were healthy, happy and excited in their new environment. In addition, Eggpreneur Farm managed to install the solar panels that provide light throughout the day and night and also help with the warmth during the night.

Though the caring of chicks may not be as complex as many people think, it needs a lot of care and high standard of hygiene. So far we are doing well with a reduced mortality rate of 0.4% and we are managing it so that it can remain as low as possible. We hope with our past experience, motivated farm workers with skills on how to care for chicks as well as qualified Veterinary officer will raise good healthier pullets.

Thank you for your continued support and thoughts about Eggpreneur.

Matt & Eggpreneur Team