First Eggs

What would one do if the long awaited child is born anyway? It indicates some hope and progress in the life circle of the bearer. That was exactly the excitement at Eggpreneur Farm when we saw the first eggs from our pullets. It had been a long wait for the women and every one was becoming more anxious. The common questions had become what could have been wrong with the pullets, if we could be feeding them wrongly, if they needed more time in the laying boxes or if they could be sick. However, we have come to a realization that such questions only lead to unnecessary nerves and frustrations when most pullets need patience and support of the highest degree. As a result, any farmer needs to remain composed, calm, and caring, but not overbearing, anxious, and nervous.

The only challenge that is remaining is that the laying efficiency of the pullets is still low. However, we expect that by the end of this week most of them will be laying, since 80% of the hens have already gained the necessary egg laying weight. With the onset of the laying, we ready to issue the pullets to the trained Eggpreneurs. With such, Eggpreneur Initiative is doing well in its effort to attain set goals in accordance with its vision and mission statements.

With Regards,