Christmas Thanks

Reflecting on the Year

Over the past year, Eggpreneur has been blessed to work with young mothers, adolescent girls and rural women groups across Machakos County in Kenya.  Through our Eggpreneur model, we have been able to provide stable family incomes, a nutritious food source and employment through chicken farming to many families.  We were able to bring our first egg products to market and they have been well received.  As the year progressed, we witnessed changed lives and improved quality of life through development of Women Eggpreneurs.   

Thankful families with food to eat and money to pay bills

Thankful families with food to eat and money to pay bills

The Numbers

  • trained over 200 women on basic poultry management, nutrition and financial literacy
  • enrolled 20 women in an egg production micro-business
  • enrolled 50 women in the kukupreneur program (indigenous chickens for meat)

The Challenges

At the beginning, chicken coop management was a challenge for most Eggpreneurs.  However, with closer follow-up, technical support and creating a peer support network, our team has helped women develop a 75% laying efficiency each month.  As a result of this challenge, we realized the value of having the most successful Eggpreneurs mentor new women coming into the program.  These women support each other with fundamental knowledge about the business, but they have also created a network of strong and supportive friendships that has increased the resiliency of the communities.  The community is watching these Eggpreneurs perform and improve their quality of life, as a result we continue to receive weekly inquiries about women joining our program.  Praise God for this success.  

Moving Forward

In our performance analysis, we have recorded great results for some Eggpreneurs who are earning between $35 and $80/month.  Prior to joining Eggprenuer, these women were crushing stones into gravel and earning $30/month.  Some women are struggling to make a profit and so we have substituted their layer birds with indigenous meat birds.  The women raise the chickens for three months and then Eggpreneur purchases them for resale.  The free range indigenous meat chickens require less intense management and the women are demonstrating good results with them, thus continuing to provide additional income for these families living in poverty.  

The indigenous meat chickens

The indigenous meat chickens

We are now working through our challenges with some innovative solutions.  One of them is accessing a steady and affordable supply of quality chicken feed.  Feed can often come at a high cost and is not always readily available, even though inputs like corn are very accessible in Kenya.  Eggpreneur is raising money to purchase a simple feed mill, in order to stabilize our feed supply, improve the quality of feed and minimize our operating costs to ultimately increase the profits of Women Eggpreneurs.  

How you can join Eggpreneur to reach more women

Christmas is a time to show acts of kindness toward those who are less fortunate than ourselves.  During this season we aim to reach 200 families with an Eggpreneur solution. 

  • $600 will set one woman up as an Eggprenur, this will include a coop, chickens, feed and training
  • $30 will provide 3 chickens to help an Eggpreneur get started
  • $100 will support the training of five Eggpreneurs. 
  • we are also asking for donations to help fund a simple feed mill that we hope can be purchased in early 2017. 

As you consider to give to a worthy cause or charitable organization, Please forward any donations to:

1. Mail:  Cheques can be mailed to: Lakeside HOPE House, 75 Norfolk Street, Guelph, Ontario, Canada, N1H 2W6 (write on the check that funds are to be designated for “The Eggpreneur Project”)

2.   Online by credit card through  (Select “The Eggpreneur Project” from the drop down menu)

I wish you and your family a blessed and peaceful Christmas season.


 Matthew Dickson