An Exciting Time Ahead!

Welcome and thank you for reading our first Eggpreneur blog post!

This is an exciting time for us. We’re embarking on a journey to contribute and build social entrepreneurship capacity in Kenya to address child malnutrition, unemployment and extreme poverty in remote rural areas. And we’re glad you can join us on this journey. 

In Eggpreneur’s blog, you’ll meet the Eggpreneurs and their stories of the challenging background, courage, determination and resilience to succeed. You’ll see, hear videos and read many diverse stories from individual perspectives on improving economic stability and child nutrition for families.  
You’re also going to learn about the challenges and we face but most importantly the celebrations and milestones we’ve achieved.  

You can also get all the latest updates on our website.  We’re glad you’re here.  And if you would like to get in touch with us, our email is  We’ll be happy to connect with you. 

Best wishes,


Matt Dickson
Eggpreneur Founder